02nd Jan

Top 4 Ways A Mobile App Enhances Internal Sales Meetings

We’re kicking off 2013 by powering several internal sales meetings this month and while we certainly won’t be pumping out the details of these meetings (because we care about the privacy of our partners) we do want you to know how things work when you come to us with an internal sales meeting. What’s an [...]


06th Dec

Event Organizer Checklist: Prepping Speakers

Ah, the keynote speaker… In a perfect world they’ll arrive long before they’re expected on stage to run through all the necessary details that come with being the keynote. In reality, we don’t always have this luxury. Here’s a quick checklist to run through with your keynote (or any speaker for that matter) if you [...]


05th Dec

#ExpoExpo Read All About It!

If you find yourself in Orlando this week for the International Association of Exhibitions and Events there’s a couple MUST-DOs. First, you should stop by the DoubleDutch booth and take a peek at our mobile event app. The app enables event organizers to replace paper event guides and empower attendees to connect with each other, [...]


29th Nov

Event Organizer Checklist: 5 Tips to Creating Great Nametags

Arguably one of the least exciting things an event organizer has to do is create nametags. Inputting data, printing, inserting and distributing… it gets tiresome. Here are 5 Tips to Creating Great Nametags. 1. Select a font that is easy to read. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman… these are just a few typefaces which have [...]


26th Nov

DoubleDutch Fuels Engagement at mNEXT Forum

If you’ll be attending the Enterprise Mobile Next Forum in Santa Clara, CA this week, be sure to download the mNEXT event app on your way!┬áThe mNEXT Forum is a 2-day event for IT leaders seeking to mitigate risk and better leverage mobility in the enterprise. What better way to reinforce this trend than to [...]